Comprehensive. Individual. Functional. 

Bios Functional Medicine takes an "inside-out" approach to your health. Instead of simply bandaging symptoms, we look at you, as whole person, and address true underlying causes. Our goal is to not only help you feel better now, but to help you live a vital and robust life for as long as you can. We also offer groundbreaking regenerative services using adult stem cells to activate the body's built-in mechanism of self-repair and restore function to once declining health. 



Our Approach 

This isn't your standard medical practice. Dr. Lekkos is committed to going beyond helping you feel better now. Find out more about out modern, patient-focused and integrative approach to health. 

Functional Practice

Our comprehensive functional medicine practice combines the best of western and eastern medicine with in-depth lab analysis, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you optimize your health. 

Regenerative Medicine 

Your body has the potential to heal itself. Learn more about how stem cell therapy and other regenerative techniques can be used to tap into this healing modality and turn back the clock, naturally. 


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"Dr. Lekkos takes a sincere personal interest in your health."

"He is excited by new science and up to date on cutting edge technology and testing. I have worked with a number of functional medicine and anti-aging specialists and he is by far the best. He doesn’t push you, he counsels you and helps you make the decisions that work best for you. He is who I refer all my clients to and also the doctor I trust with my own health."

— Kelly LeVeque. Holistic Nutritionist. Los Angeles, CA


“I felt like a new person.”

“I went to Dr Lekkos feeling sluggish, tired and overweight. After 6 months I felt like a new person. I had my energy back, my body was working like it should and best of all I had lost 25 pounds. I tell everyone I know how wonderful he is and I will continue to see him to keep on top of my health. He is life changing!"

— Megan M. Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Lekkos saved my life.”

“I wouldn’t trust my health in anyone else’s hands but Dr. Lekkos. As a doctor he is knowledgable, thorough, and experienced. As a human being he is kind, selfless, and genuine. He truly cares for his patients and gives the best and most up-to-date treatment available. He saved my life.”

— Danny E. Los Angeles, CA