“Dr. Lekkos has been a life-saver for me.”

“I’ve been to so many doctors and specialists over the years who have been extremely unhelpful. I came to Dr. Lekkos with chronic fatigue, terrible IBS, debilitating brain fog, insomnia, panic attacks, constant anxiety, and exhaustion after workouts. After conducting several tests and going through his diet and supplement protocol I’m now sleeping well, anxiety is way down, my brain fog is almost completely gone and my energy and IBS are beginning to improve. Dr. Lekkos really took the time to get to know me as a person and understands there are so many factors that affect health beyond standard lab tests. He also helped me find other practitioners out of his area of expertise who have helped immensely. My family and friends have all had great experiences with Dr. Lekkos. I can’t recommend him enough.”

— Jonathan M. Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Lekkos has been able to help me with ailments that no other doctors or professionals were able to help me with.”

“I began seeing Dr. Lekkos approximately one year ago. Dr. Lekkos has been able to help me with ailments that no other doctors or professionals were able to help me with, including horomonal and sinus issues. Dr. Lekkos makes himself available by email and is easy to talk to. He explains things in layman terms so that laymen like myself can understand what he is talking about. 
Additionally, I have always been a very healthy eater and I exercise regularly; however, there are supplement deficiencies I did not know I had. When Dr. Lekkos uncovered them and suggested certain supplements, my energy increased and my memory and thought processes seem stronger and clearer. I have highly recommended Dr. Lekkos to my friends and family.”

— S. Kopman. Los Angeles, CA


"Solved what all the other doctors said she just had to live with."

"Because of you my daughter is graduating with confidence and in high school, kids won't have any reason to make fun of her anymore. Thank you so much for your kindness and for making my baby so confident and happy. There are no words that can describe how grateful we are and will forever be." 

— Nickeia N. regarding daughter, Kelsey. Los Angeles, CA

Kelsey before treatment

Kelsey before treatment

Kelsey after identifying and addressing food sensitivities

Kelsey after identifying and addressing food sensitivities



"He changed my life for the better!"

“I meet Dr. Lekkos approximately 1 year ago. I went to see him because I was having trouble with my weight, (I was 20-25 lbs overweight) meanwhile I was exercising like crazy. I was frustrated. During our initial meeting, I immediately felt he was the right doctor to get me on track, and I couldn’t wait to work with him. He gave me a detailed explanation why and how my body reacts (or not) to certain medications that were previously prescribed by my other doctor. He put together a protocol for me to follow and almost immediately I started to feel better, and I started shedding the weight!! I’m so ecstatic about the results, and I so thankful to him!! He changed my life for the better!!!”

— Deannie Leibenson. Los Angeles, CA


“We couldn't be more grateful.”

“I started seeing Dr. Lekkos at the gentle urging of my nutritionist and health coach. I spent the majority of 2014 at the fertility doctor trying to solve things that only left more questions, more weight gain, and more frustration. A deeply positive person by nature, I had resigned myself to the fact that my body had shifted and I had lost control, and that I needed to accept this new form and wrap my head around moving forward from there. At the core, I didn’t want to miss another summer of enjoying the beach and the ocean, sitting it out from shame and frustration. I trust my nutritionist implicitly, so when she suggested an appointment with Dr. Lekkos, I quickly agreed but also was resolute that this was the last consultation I’d entertain on this journey. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel any shame as I unravelled what was going on, how I felt, and ultimately how I hoped to feel to Dr. Lekkos. He quickly got to work, deeply analyzing the entire picture of my health and intervening in all areas that needed improvement with supplements, advice, and direction. I’ve seen huge shifts in so many areas in a few short months, from weight, to energy, to a returning cycle, to my skin … all of it. The difference is deeply noticeable and I’m constantly asked what I’m doing and who I’m seeing and whole heartedly point my dear friends and family into Dr. Lekko’s care. My gratitude is endless, and my husband and I find renewed energy in the shifts that are happening, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

— A. M. Hermosa Beach, CA

“A revolutionary approach to helping me heal.”

“This year I was going to get rid of toxins in my body by following a rigid diet and exercise program that I meticulously researched for months. My doctor seemed to have covered all of my ailments with prescribed medicines for high cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, ADD, weight gain, sleep, and three anti-depressants. It was during the 10th month of the year that I realized something wasn’t right. I was so puffy, my clothes didn’t fit, I couldn’t retain a thought for more that 10 minutes at a time, and my bones and joints hurt so badly that I couldn’t exercise or walk the beach. I had heard of Dr. Lekkos for months, but was hesitant to go to yet another doctor. I thought my previous doctor had done the tests needed to heal me, but it was a lost cause! The doctor I trusted so much had done all he could to help me, but it just made me worse. It was through a group of physician assistants that told me about Dr. Lekkos and his new approach to helping your body stay balanced, while working together as a team. My husband was ready to kill me because I was going to yet another doctor, but I had to try. Dr. Lekkos has taken a revolutionary approach to helping me heal and I can honestly say, due to his guidance, and knowing the exact malfunctions of my body chemistry, I am feeling better and more energized daily. It’s not easy, because I truly was harming myself with all the prescription medicines I had taken for the last year. I’ve gone off of them slowly while adding the functional medicine approach Dr. Lekkos has prescribed. The difference is that now, my body is functioning as it should be and my metabolism is beginning to level itself out. Without the help of Dr. Lekkos and the education he has given me along the way- I would have never felt this free or balanced. I cannot wait until this time next year- I’ll be feeling the way I should be!
Thank you!"

— M.K. Beverly Hills, CA


"I feel much happier, sleep without sleep aids, my energy level has improved tremendously and my mental condition has changed from negative to positive."

"I was introduced to Dr. Lekkos by my nutritionist about one year ago. My name is Dilip Ram and I am 59 years old. At the time of my introduction my physical and mental condition was fatigue and poor. My symptoms and condition were: overweight, anxiety, irregular sleep, headaches, diabetic, uncontrolled cholesterol, and very low energy and libido. After about 6 months of following Dr. Lekkos’ plan, my first improvement was noticing weight loss of 12 pounds, making me feel much better. My sleep also improved which helped my anxiety and everyday headaches. Following this, I had dramatic improvements in both blood sugar, cholesterol, and energy.

Fast forward to today - I feel much happier, sleep without sleep aids, my energy level has improved tremendously and my mental condition has changed from negative to positive. I have also made many lifestyle changes which include better nutrition and yoga. I would be happy to discuss my experiences with Dr. Lekkos and how he has helped me."

— Dilip Ram. Los Angeles, CA


“My life has changed dramatically.”

"Dr. Lekkos has made a tremendous impact on my overall health and well-being. From the moment I met him, I was extremely impressed with the amount of time he spent getting to know my health history, prior experience with other doctors, and the goals I have for my future. I’ve always felt very comfortable sharing my health struggles as he takes a genuine and caring approach to help me understand why the issues are occurring. My life has changed dramatically under the care of Dr. Lekkos. In less than a year he’s helped me discover food allergies and digestion/detox issues that have most likely been affecting me my entire life. Dr. Lekkos also played an integral role in helping me through a major surgery by recommending supplements pre and post to make recovery optimal. Rather than seeing multiple specialists, I’ve found one Doctor that can connect the dots through many areas of health and manage my testing/treatment plans. I’ve never felt better and I’m beyond grateful for Dr. Lekkos!"

— Angela M. Los Angeles, CA

“A plethora of knowledge that goes beyond medical school.”

"For the last two years I started developing gradual symptoms of lethargy, depression, anxiety, and a huge disinterest in life. As a Physician I did not recognize what was happening to my mind and body. I shrugged it off as a temporary low in my life but my symptoms worsened each day and month. I was so low that I would sleep 14 hours a day and could barely get out of bed to go to the grocery store or even work.
After two Doctors and treatments close to malpractice, I found Dr Lekkos!
Dr Lekkos was truly my savior and genuinely had my health and well being his primary goal. He is an amazing Doctor with a plethora of knowledge that goes beyond medical school. He is compassionate, listens, and communicative. As an MD, it was initially difficult being on the other side of the fence as a patient. After a few clinic visits and lab tests, he formulated my diagnoses and started me immediately on a recovery program with weekly calls to see how I was progressing. After sometime my symptoms began to dissipate and my energy levels and love for life has returned. I know that I would still be suffering daily if I did not find Dr Lekkos. He has saved me and I continue to heal daily! Thank you Dr Lekkos”

— Dr. B. Los Angeles, CA


"The way of the future." 

Dr. Lekkos has been a great find. I have always wanted my doctor to be a partner in my medical care and Dr. Lekkos fits the bill. He is always at the ready to answer questions and he seeks out answers to complicated or tough questions. It is refreshing to have a doctor that focuses on helping you feel great than only solving the crisis of the day. Functional Medicine and doctors like Dr. Lekkos are the way of the future.

— Irene W. Los Angeles, CA


"I've never known what normal was until I met Dr. Lekkos."

“Through out my life I’ve had a “sensitive” stomach. Starting when I was just a boy, I’ve dealt with all sorts of “IBS” type symptoms through out my life. The affects of which would cause me anxiety about when my stomach would “Act up.” I’ve never known what normal was until I met Dr Lekkos. I can’t believe it’s taken me 39 years! Dr. Lekkos sat down with me and mapped out my entire history starting as far back as I could remember. He formulated a plan that was specific to my issues. My stomach is so rock solid now! I’ve never known what it feels like to have a normal gut. Thank you so much Dr. L! You ROCK!!!!”

— J. P. San Diego, CA

"Genuinely cares about his patients." 

"Dr. Lekkos has been an invaluable asset to our family’s health journey! His knowledge and insight into the body as a whole is refreshing and his holistic approach to restoring it, welcomed. We, as a family, have learned many manageable methods to body repair and have been able to avoid heavy prescription medications that would have only masked our symptoms. Dr. Lekkos’ diagnostic approach to medicine is truly life changing. He genuinely cares about his patients and their overall well-being which is quickly seen in his unprecedented bed side manner. We look forward to our on-going relationship with Dr. Lekkos and are so thankful for his care."

— The Phillips Family. Ft. Worth, TX


"Nearly 100% recovered."

After a prolonged and incomplete recovery from an injury. I sought out Dr. Lekkos to do a full workup to get to the bottom of the hormonal issues that were slowing down my rehabilitation. I am pleased to say that after years of testing and treatment, I am nearly 100% recovered and have more strength, energy than I ever have, and have banished the afternoon energy lull I suffered from for years. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

— J. Los Angeles, CA


"A level of care unlike I have ever experienced." 

“Since I have become a patient of Dr. Lekkos, I have received a level of care unlike I have ever experienced. Not only does he take his time during office visits, but he is equally as attentive during after-office contacts. He is extremely knowledgeable in a wide array of medical expertise. Unlike most others in his field, he is open-minded to all types of health protocols; traditional and cutting edge. My wife was so impressed, she is now a satisfied patient. Thank you, Dr. Lekkos, for all your help through some very rough episodes.”

— C.S. San Pedro, CA

"The first and only doctor to properly diagnose, heal, and provide guidance to allow me to reach my optimum health." 

“Dr. Lekkos was the first and only doctor to provide a comprehensive, real-time awareness of the medical issues developing in my body....furthermore, he was the first and only doctor to properly diagnose, heal, and provide guidance to allow me to reach my optimum health. My mind-body-soul connection is the key to health and happiness, and Dr. Lekkos is able to bridge the gap between western medicine and functional health.”

— Maria M. Malibu, CA


"30 pounds lighter, sleeping better, no longer sluggish, and best of all, no longer pre-diabetic!" 

“Dr Lekkos changed my life. I came in to see Dr Lekkos feeling run down, tired, and not able to lose weight- even though I ate a healthy diet and am a religious exerciser. After extensive testing I had many major red flags including pre-diabetes. Six months after being under Dr Lekkos care I was 30 pounds lighter, sleeping better, no longer sluggish, and best of all, no longer pre-diabetic! Without Dr Lekkos I would have never known what path my body was heading down, but thanks to him I am now leading the life I want and improving everyday!"

— M.W. Venice, CA


"I feel like a whole new person." 

"At the age of 20, I came to Dr. Lekkos with undiagnosed hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and a seriously messed up digestive system. For years, I had thought that my digestive system was never going to change and that my unexplained weight gain was just a sign of hormones balancing out. In just one year, I feel like a whole new person and have a better understanding of how my body works and how to prevent these issues from happening again. For someone who was looking to get away from pharmaceuticals, I really like how Dr. Lekkos always looks for an alternative medicine over a pharmaceutical drug. He is easy to get in touch with and feels like a trusted doctor friend. I recommend Dr. Lekkos to all my friends and family because of his professionalism, simplicity and down to earth attitude towards my healthcare.”

— Alex M. Ft. Worth, TX

"Understands the body and continues to guide me through the many twists and turns of healing my body." 

After several years of dealing with stomach, gallbladder and blood glucose issues, I was desperately searching for a doctor who could help guide me back to health. I had been to many doctors, nutritionists, etc. who just didn’t make a difference. I recently found Dr. Lekkos and it’s become clear that working with a doctor who both understands the body and continues to guide me through the many twists and turns of healing my body back to homeostasis, is imperative. Unusual these days and very welcome.

— A. B. Venice, CA


"A personal approach to determine the root cause behind my weight gain and subsequent health concerns."

Dr. Lekkos has been such an incredible help to me. My weight had been going up and down with very little correlation to my eating habits and activity level. By the time I started seeing Dr. Lekkos my blood sugar and cholesterol numbers were high, amongst other health problems. He took a personal approach to determine the root cause behind my weight gain and subsequent health concerns. I never felt rushed through my office visits; He took time to explain my results and treatment and made himself available for any questions I had along the way. Once we began addressing my underlying issues, my body began to react to the efforts I put in to eating well and keeping active. I get so many wonderful comments from friends on how healthy I look but I’m most thankful to Dr. Lekkos on how healthy I feel.

— A. G. Los Angles, CA