Stem Cell Therapy Isn’t Just for Humans

While you are probably already aware of the amazing healing benefits of stem cell therapy in humans, did you know that stem cell therapy can also be used to treat animals? 

Dogs: Recently, a 10-year-old Newfoundland-mix named Jenni from Bromfield, Colorado, underwent stem cell therapy for treatment of arthritis. While large-breed dogs like Jenni are said to be more prone to arthritis due to the weight put on their joints, smaller-breed dogs can also develop arthritis as they age. Jenni underwent MediVet stem cell treatment and used her body’s own cells to stimulate cartilage growth and reduce inflammation in her joints. Treatments such as Jenni’s can provide up to two years of relief for pets, saving you money on costly pain prescriptions that are frequently paid out-of-pocket by the pet owner.

Giraffes: Believe it or not, veterinarians in Colorado recently used stem cells to treat arthritis in a 14-year-old giraffe named Mahali. Mahali had developed arthritis in his megavertabrates, the massive vertebrate bones that make up a giraffe’s characteristic long neck. According to the doctors who treated Mahali, he is the first known giraffe to undergo stem cell therapy for arthritis, but they have already successfully treated numerous other animals.

Horses: Veterinarians have found success in treating horses with torn leg tendons and ligaments with adult mesenchymal stem cells. It is becoming increasingly common, especially among riding horses, as the treatment is relatively inexpensive (some sources say between $1,400 to $1,800) in terms of equine medicine.

Big cats: The same veterinary team from Colorado State University that treated Mahali the giraffe for arthritis has also found success treating mountain lions and tigers with stem cell therapy. The team has also treated coyotes and wolves with stem cells, and stem cells were recently used to heal the fractured leg of a Bengal tiger.

Pigs: Stem cells have also been used to heal arthritis in pigs. This is beneficial for both pet pigs, which can live up to 20 years, as well as for pigs used for meat. After all, wouldn’t you rather eat meat from an animal treated with its own natural stem cells than with drugs that could have dangerous side effects?

Dolphins: Scientists are currently working on a way to treat bottlenose dolphins with stem cell therapy. The stem cells would be used to treat diseases found in dolphins that are like type 2 diabetes and liver disease in human.

Cats: Don’t despair, cat lovers! Vets aren’t just treating dogs with stem cells, they’ve also had success treating cats with stem cell therapy. Stem cells can be used to treat kidney disease in cats. Common in older cats, there is no treatment for these beloved pets besides a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, this treatment can be extremely cost-prohibitive and relies on the availability of compatible transplant organs. Stem cell therapy provides a much more affordable alternative that is both effective and much more comfortable for the cat.

Stem cell therapy can go a long way in helping to treat our furry friends in a way that is less invasive, less painful and more affordable, too. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your own appointment to discuss how stem cell therapy can help you, please give Dr. Lekkos a call at 310-955-1885.